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About TODS
What Are They?

Tourist Oriented Directional Signs (TODS) are blue signs located on at-grade state and US highways. They provide directional information for tourist-related businesses and services.

Who Can Participate?

The TODS Program caters to a variety of Indiana businesses in the tourism sector. There are over 30 different categories

that comprise eligible business types. 

Sign Choices
TODS Specs

TODS are custom-made, 6-feet wide by 2-feet tall extruded panels with retroreflective blue backgrounds and retroreflective white wording and borders. Customers have four layout options when choosing TODS signage:


* — must be pre-approved by the Indiana Department of Transportation

The Cost
Monthly Lease Rate

Standard, 6-feet wide by 2-feet tall panels lease at $41.60 per month (per sign, per direction). Seasonal businesses only pay lease during the months they are open to

the public.

* minimum months of operation may apply


The actual TODS panel is your physical property. Thus, there is a one-time cost to fabricate and install these panels. TODS panels begin at $500. Full color logos are extra.

General Requirements

Businesses wishing to participate in the TODS Program must meet or exceed a number of general requirements, as determined by state and federal regulations.

Approved Business Categories

There are 31 different business categories that are eligible to participate in the TODS Program. From Agritourism to Zoological Facilities, TODS

is ready to help your business succeed. Click on any of the categories below to learn more about eligibility requirements for each. 

• Denise Bessler, The Destination B & B

We are so happy with our signs! Having professional quality signs make a big statement about your business — it gives you a professional image.

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